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Pull Up A Chair And Join Our Famiglia

We believe food is just a catalyst for bringing people together. Our family recipes have a unique power to connect people across generations, cultures, and beliefs, and we are honored to share our food – and family – with you here.

In our kitchen, everybody gets involved! Cooking isn’t an event or  an ordeal, it’s an experience. Join us in the kitchen where we laugh, fight, and dance together as we create and continue traditions that will last forever.

Enjoy A Taste Of Italy In Your Own Kitchen

Spend time exploring the recipes, stories, and products we’ve pulled together for you and leave feeling inspired to step into your own kitchen, create your own memories, and preserve your own traditions for generations to come. Here are some of our most popular recipes that we know you’ll love!

We Are Italian & We Love Food!

Good cooking is part of our DNA, (not just because we love to eat!) but because we know that food is MORE than food. Family recipes aren’t just a list of ingredients and instructions, they’re a blueprint for better understanding your unique history and heritage.

Every dish we share holds a special memory for our Italian-American family—the smells, tastes, and textures remind us of the people who were there and those we hold dear.

We hope our stories and recipes inspire you to create and keep traditions with your OWN family.

Meet The Mamma Mangia Family
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Our Business is Just Like Our Family – Authentic, Food-Obsessed, and a Lot of Fun

Mamma Mangia started after my mom (Silvana) and I (Solae’) created an heirloom family cookbook that traced our genealogy and traditions through our family’s recipes. We realized that throughout generations, food has served as a beautiful thread of connection, tradition, and love – and we wanted to share it with the world!

We love hearing how much you enjoy making our recipes and how cooking connects you to memories of childhood, grandparents, and other family traditions. Helping you find connection through food is the best part of this business, and we are honored to share a piece of our hearts, history, and home with you through the recipes, cooking classes, stories, and products we share here.

Meet The Mamma Mangia Family

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